For everywhere EV drivers park

  • The most affordable and reliable Level 2 chargers for workplace, multi-residential, and home
  • The fastest and most robust Level 3 DCFC stations for on-the-go charging
  • Smart, connected stations for managing energy usage, access, and billing

Future-proof your smart charging

  • A truly open and interoperable EV charging management platform
  • Connect, monetize, and control charging stations purchased from ChargeLab, or any OCPP-compliant station purchased elsewhere
  • Adopt an open management platform that provides flexibility and expandability

Trusted by leading property managers

  • ChargeLab customers include the Government of Canada, multi-national REITs, parking operators, property managers, and more
  • ChargeLab is a member of the Open Charge Alliance, a global consortium of electric vehicle infrastructure leaders
  • We are backed by world-class venture capital and strategic investors

EV charging doesn't have to be complicated.

With dozens of charging station manufacturers and management solutions, it’s hard to compare the options. You need a solution that will serve your best interests in the short and long run. Contact ChargeLab today to find out how we can make sure you achieve your EV infrastructure targets.

Turnkey charging solutions

ChargeLab offers everything you need to deploy a customized EV charging solution that meets the needs of you and your EV drivers. Our turnkey service includes hardware, installation, and station management on our interoperable software platform.

EV charging network management

Learn about ChargeLab's breakthrough open and interoperable management software for charging stations. Connect your existing network of charging stations or build a new network. All of our network management services are available on a fully white-labelled basis.

Let's build the future together

Learn about ChargeLab's next generation energy management initiatives, vehicle-to-grid roadmap, and other integration initiatives. Partner with us to prepare your city or organization for a future of electric transportation and abundant renewable energy.