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The most powerful EV charging software.

ChargeLab is the operating system for EV chargers. We're the back-end software behind NorthĀ America's leading EV fleets, charging networks, and charging sites.

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Network builders

If you sell & install EVĀ chargers, operate a charging network, or manage a large fleet, learn about our enterprise software and white-label solutions.

Site hosts

If you're looking for a turnkey EV charging solution for your site, meet our turnkey partners.

EV drivers

Download the ChargeLab app, order an RFID network card, or buy a home charger.

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EV charging management software unifies every element of electric vehicle infrastructure in a single tech platform. Hereā€™s how it works.

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Why ChargeLab

Your full-stack solution for smart EV charging

We give fleets, charging networks, and EV charger manufacturers all the tools they need to build smart EV infrastructure businesses. ChargeLab is the best platform to connect and control EVĀ chargers at scale.

We're also fanatical about user experience for EVĀ drivers. Plugging in should be fun and easy.

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ChargeLab platform

A software-first approach to EV charging

Through software, we bring the industry's most flexible EVĀ infrastructure solutions. Manage any OCPP charger, charge any electric car, and accept every major payment method.

Full stack solutions

We help fleets and network operators pick the right hardware and maintain large-scaleEV charging operations.

Open & interoperable

ChargeLab supports 30+ OCPPĀ chargers from over a dozen manufacturers.

Constant upgrades

We release and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of the rapidly evolving EV industry.

Beyond future-proofed

ChargeLab's roadmap ranges from optimizing autonomous EV fleets to enabling vehicle-to-grid marketplaces.Ā Let's build the future together.

Let's get started

EV charging doesn't have to be complicated. ChargeLab is your full stack EV charger software solution.

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Explore ChargeLab's software solutions for fleets and network builders.

Enterprise software
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