ChargeLab Developer Program

Our public API allows partners, customers, and third-party developers to build on top of ChargeLab's core CSMS. Learn more below and apply for early access to our Developer Program.

Example code for ChargeLab's public API.
ChargeLab API

Build your own EV charging solution

ChargeLab provides a REST API to control EV chargers connected to our CSMS. In most cases, partners use our API to access their own EV chargers after hiring ChargeLab as their back-end charger management provider. Some of the capabilities of our EV charging API include:

Network management

Fetch lists of charging stations, their attributes, status, and usage history.

Transaction data

Get detailed readouts of charging sessions, including time, kWh, and more.

Start/stop charging

Start and stop charging sessions through our API or your own front-end.


Dynamically change pay-per-use fees based on your own pricing algorithm or inputs.

Power management

Push custom load balancing profiles from your system to ChargeLab's CSMS.

Other integrations

Build custom logic to make EV chargers respond to solar, energy storage, and other DERs.

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Early access

Join ChargeLab's Developer Program

Our Developer Program opened for early access to select partners in June 2022. Apply now to get direct access to our API documentation, simulated charger endpoints, and more.

Need to connect EV chargers today?

Check our our charging station management system. We support dozens of leading OCPP EV chargers out of the box and offer all the core capabilities you need. Deploy with ChargeLab today, and extend our platform when you are ready using our public EV charging APIs.

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EV chargers connected to a software dashboard.