Manage your Grizzl-E with the ChargeLab app

Use the ChargeLab app to get the most out of your Grizzl-E charging experience:

View charge status and track your charging activity and history

Set a custom schedule to charge overnight when your utility costs are lowest and to reduce your carbon footprint (beta feature in 2021)

Find and use any public charger in the ChargeLab and partner networks

Coming in 2022: notifications, access controls, power sharing and more

Charger setup

Step 1

Power on the charger and connect to the UC_Smart_Grizzle network when it appears. This can take a few minutes.

Step 2

Open your browser and enter in the address bar.

Step 3

Configure your charger’s settings:

Enter your home WiFi network name and password. 

Select ChargeLab as the service portal provider

Check the "Public use" option (your charger will remain private and only visible to you)

Step 4

Complete ChargeLab registration below (next section)

Register with ChargeLab

Download the ChargeLab app to create an account:

Contact us at and provide your:

ChargeLab account email address 

Serial number for your Grizzl-E charger

Home address 

We will complete your registration and notify you when ready for use with the app.

Customer support

Learn more about ChargeLab at: