Extend the capabilities of your EV infrastructure with integrations. Many of the integrations listed below are available exclusively through ChargeLab's EV charging OS.

End-user experience

Use the ChargeHub app to find any public EV charger networked by ChargeLab. You can also use ChargeHub Passport to pay for our chargers without ever leaving the ChargeHub app.

Use the PlugShare app to find public EV chargers networked by ChargeLab.

Smart buildings

SmartONE is the leader in smart community technology, partnering with ChargeLab to offer EV charging solutions in multi-family residential developments. The SmartONE platform integrates hardware, software, and strategic partnerships to offer full home automation, building management, and unique amenities that elevate the living experience.

ChargeLab is partnered with 1VALET for full-stack multi-family building management solutions. 1VALET provides entry systems, concierge workstations, resident apps, and building controls for multi-family buildings.

Peak Power uses AI-powered software to optimize the energy usage of commercial buildings. Peak Power can save individual buildings six figures in peak demand charges annually. Use ChargeLab for EV charging and Peak Power for asset optimization to create the ultimate smart commercial building.

For the most dynamic load balancing of EV chargers, you need to monitor all other electrical devices in your building. Smappee is an all-in-one system for monitoring energy consumption across all the devices in any commercial, industrial, or residential building.

ESC Automation is an expert in building automation. Integrate ChargeLab with your smart panels, direct digital control (DDC) system, and more.

Smart grid

Claim Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits through ChargeLab's exclusive integration with BTR Energy. Together ChargeLab and BTR Energy automate the LCFS claim process. Currently available for deployments in California.

OpenADR is the most popular protocol in North America to standardize, automate, and simplify demand response (DR) and distributed energy resources (DERs) for utilities and energy aggregators. ChargeLab supports OpenADR 2.0b.

eCAMION integrates energy storage with DC fast chargers powered by ChargeLab's network software. eCAMION's Jule charger includes a 120 kWh battery to significantly reduce demand charges normally incurred by DC fast charging.

ChargeLab's platform is built on a modular architecture, ideal for integrating a range of custom demand response and smart grid needs. Contact us today to learn how EV chargers can be integrated with your smart grid.

EV charging protocols

ChargeLab is an early member of the Open Charge Alliance and a strong supporter of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). Our platform supports OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0.1, in addition to Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP 1.0).

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPI) is a protocol for roaming between EV charging networks. ChargeLab's platform fully supports the data structures outlined in the latest version of the protocol, OCPI 2.2.

ChargeLab supports ISO 15118 for vehicle to grid communication interface. More details on our ISO 15118 support will be revealed soon.

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