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ChargeLab builds tools that make EV chargers smarter, easier to use, and more sustainable. We're helping businesses, individuals, and governments imagine a cleaner future.

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We're building critical infrastructure that already impacts thousands of people and will one day touch millions. There is no mission more important than the future of our planet, and that's what we work on every day at ChargeLab.


If you are motivated by breathing clean air, fighting global warming, or developing disruptive technology, ChargeLab's mission aligns with what you believe.

Once-per-century opportunity

Automobiles have been powered by petrol since 1892. The switch to electric vehicles is a once-per-century economic and cultural shift.

Competitive compensation

Our goal is to attract the best and brightest engineers, developers, and operators. We offer the compensation packages needed to retain top talent.

Growth mindset

We are constantly challenging each other to reach higher. ChargeLab is a workplace where ambitious individuals collaborate, learn, and grow.