Secure Your Business with Smart EV Charging

Electric vehicles are the future. EV charging solutions will secure the future of your new construction projects and fast track growth.


Easy Deployment of EV Infrastructure for Your Ongoing Projects

Your team will get technical assistance with both level 2 and level 3 EV chargers. From planning to actual construction, we provide you with master specification documents regards ChargeLab’s station format and installation templates.

ChargeLab provides EV charging solutions for any type of business, as well as government organizations from the municipal to the federal level. If you control parking spaces, we have a solution for you. Not only is providing EV charging the right way to prepare your organization for the clean energy revolution, it is also good for business – attracting customers or employees, and even providing profitable returns.

Helping with Pre-Construction and Design

All construction projects will include various design resources to help with installing smart EV charging solutions

  • Specification documents are provided for an accurate project design
  • Resources such as Revit and CAD will ease the inclusion of every EV charging solution
  • Compliance is followed by ADA, building code, and LEED resources.

Build and Install EV Charging Stations

Technical resources are easily accessible in order to safely install the EV Charging Solutions

  • Training with a certified installer is available online
  • Online videos and installation guides are provided for an easy and efficient installation
  • At time of quotation, both datasheets for hardware and supporting services will be available

Our Services

EV Charger Distribution

Expert brand-agnostic hardware recommendations: we work directly with all leading manufacturers to offer the latest and best EV charging equipment.

Hardware Installation

All installations performed by experienced, certified electricians. ChargeLab’s network of master electricians ensures the best local technicians for your project anywhere in Ontario or Québec.

Monitoring & Support

Our smart chargers provide insights into your energy and vehicle usage patterns. After installation, unlimited access to ChargeLab’s support hotline ensures all your ongoing service needs are met.

Why Use ChargeLab for Ongoing Construction Projects?

End-to-End Assistance

We equip you with the proper tools to get your EV charging station application approved. Get the funding that you need to install the proper infrastructure for your customers.

We communicate with you every step of the way. From the planning process all the way to installation, we make sure to give you the right documentation to help you prepare for the next phase of your project.

Cost Savings

Installing the EV charger during the pre-construction phase will cost significantly less than retrofitting one a few years down the road.

Advantages of providing EV charging

  • Become a clean technology leader & help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Establish an image as a modern and sustainable solution
  • Attract visitors from near & far by providing charging in key areas
  • Climate change awareness will be spread
  • Expectations of the residences will be met by providing infrastructure for their EVs

Request a Free Consultation

Speak with our team of experts about setting up apartment EV charging stations. Our team has years of experience using the latest technology in the industry. Give us a call at, or fill out our contact form.

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Caio Ferraz

25 March 2017

Had a charger bought and installed by ChargeLab. Everything went well, and the electricians were extremely experienced, making possible to fish the wire without having to drill a single whole in my house, even though I have the whole basement finished. I definitely recommend ChargeLab.

David Watson

5 May 2018

Watson Electrical has worked with ChargeLab on numerous projects. They're professional, efficient, and have a strong focus on customer service. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to others.