The Best Level 2 EV Home Chargers for 2018

Back in 2016, ChargeLab published our ranking of the best Level 2 home charging stations for Canadians. Big changes have happened in the electric vehicle industry in just two years, so we've updated our list of recommendations for home charging. Enjoy!

Level 2 chargers are a must-have for EV owners. These higher-powered chargers cut charging time from 16 hours+ with a 120 V wall outlet to just 3–8 hours, depending on your vehicle. Many Level 2 chargers now include “smart” capabilities, such as mobile app monitoring, delayed charging, and charging that responds to your home energy usage.

Level 2 home chargers use a 240 V outlet, and can be installed in most houses for under $1,000. 

In 2018, Québec is offering up to a $600 rebate for the purchase and installation of a Level 2 home charging station. Ontario is offering a similar rebate up to $1,000.

JuiceBox Pro 40
from 975.00

Best All-Around charger: JuiceBox Pro 40

A new, sleeker design, plus a brand-new Canadian production facility has bumped the JuiceBox Pro 40 up from the middle of our 2016 list to the Best All-Around home charging station for 2018. 


  • High-amperage 40 A charging allows faster fuelling of compatible vehicles.

  • Portable with a NEMA 14-50P wall plug.

  • Best-in-class smart charging features, including Amazon Alexa integration.

  • Low price for a smart charging station.

  • 3 year warranty.

  • Assembled in Canada starting from March 2018.


  • No integrated cable management.

FLO Home X5

Best Designed charger: FLO Home G5/X5

Launched in 2016, the FLO Home has been a strong seller ever since. While the JuiceBox is now assembled in Canada, the FLO home was designed and has always been manufactured in Québec by Canadian company AddÉnergie. The FLO Home is our Best Designed home charging station for 2018, available in the basic G5 model or smart X5 model.


  • Stylish design, robust aluminium enclosure suitable for interior or exterior use in any Canadian weather.

  • Integrated cable management and connector holster.

  • Hardwired charging station is more secure for outdoor installations, however is not portable.

  • Smart charging features available with the FLO Home X5 model.

  • 3 year warranty.

  • Designed and manufactured entirely in Canada.


  • Slightly higher price due to robust aluminium casing.


Delta AC Mini
from 795.00

Best Affordable charger: Delta AC Mini

The popular Delta AC Mini has been installed by thousands of EV drivers worldwide. The AC Mini is often sold under the Bosch brand as the Power Max 2 or the Leviton brand as the Evr-Green®. Regardless of brand, these are all the same sturdy, reliable home charging station. If you are looking for a simple, affordable solution for charging your electric vehicle, we recommend the Delta AC Mini as our Best Affordable home charging station for 2018. 


  • Available in a portable version with a NEMA 6-50P plug.

  • 30 A and 40 A versions available.

  • Affordable yet robust home charging station.

  • 15 or 18 foot connector cable options.

  • 3 year warranty.


  • No integrated cable management.

Choosing a Level 2 charger

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