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ChargeLab's mobile app and suite of services were built with private-labelling in mind. We power some of the world's most innovative EV charging networks, utility programs, and e-mobility initiatives.

Who is it for?

Private-labelling for any use case

Branding your own EV charging services is valuable for a range of organizations, from private companies to governments and public utilities. ChargeLab makes private-labelling (or "white-labelling") easy and affordable for any organization.

Charge point operators (CPOs)

Use ChargeLab to power your EV charging network build-out.


Expand your reach by building a branded EV charging experience.


Invest in both e-mobility adoption and your brand.

Private companies

Private-label solutions for any other business case.

What's included

À la carte branded services

ChargeLab private-labelling is offered à la carte, meaning you can pick and choose only the services and user interfaces that are relevant for your brand.

Mobile app

A fully customized EV charging app for iOS and Android.

Network cards

The most affordable way to brand your EV charging experience.

Text & Go™

ChargeLab's exclusive user interface, now with your brand.


Customize the portal your business customers use.

Get started with private-labelled EV charging

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Any EV charger

Like all our services, private-labelling is hardware agnostic.

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Fully customizable

Go beyond branding with custom features & functionality.

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