Introducing Text & Go™

Don't want to download another EV charging app? No problem. Text & Go™ is the no-app EV charging interface. Available exclusively at ChargeLab-managed charging stations.

How it works

A new way to charge in public

With Text & Go™, there's no need to download a new mobile app just to use a charger you might only visit a few times. Simply scan the QR code on the front of a ChargeLab charger to auto-compose a Text & Go™ SMS, or follow the instructions written on the charger.

Powered by AI

Constantly improving thanks to artificial intelligence.

Any phone, any carrier

Text & Go™ works on any phone with a standard SMS plan.

For casual & power users

Great for one-time or repeat use of ChargeLab stations.

Available in the U.S. & Canada

Use Text & Go™ now in the U.S. & Canada. Contact us to request this feature in your country.

Use cases

Great for private charging sites too

Text & Go™ was designed to eliminate the friction that comes with using public EV charging networks. But it works equally well in private scenarios with multiple users.

EV charging networks

Differentiate your network by adding a frictionless experience.

Public sites

Text & Go™ is great for at retail, restaurants, and curbside charging.


Bring a simpler EV charging interface to your workplace.


Use Text & Go™ in multi-family settings with community charging.

Want to use Text & Go™ at your EV charging site?

Check out ChargeLab's software for businesses or contact our team today to learn about our solutions for businesses, apartments, and condos.

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