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EV charging for apartments and condos

ChargeLab's multi-family solutions make electric vehicle charging easy for condo boards, property managers, and residents.

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How it works

Solutions for any multi-family building

Apartments, condominiums, stratas, co-ops, and other multi-unit residential buildings face unique challenges when it comes to EV charging. ChargeLab's solutions are configurable to meet the needs of any multi-family setting.

Dedicated charging

Each resident gets their own EV charger in their private parking space.

Community charging

EV chargers are installed in common parking spots to be shared by multiple residents.

Existing buildings

Retrofit your existing multi-family building with new EV chargers, even with limited electric capacity.

New construction

Future-proof new buildings while meeting local EV charging regulations.

Key software features

Make EV charging work for your community

ChargeLab's software is packed with dozens of features. Below are some key features for the multi-family use case.

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Connect & monitor

Connect any OCPP-compliant EV charger. Automatic fault monitoring 24/7.

View your dashboard

Visualize your EV charging data in ChargeLab's admin dashboard with unlimited profiles.

Collect revenue

Set resident usage fees and accept any major credit card. Secure & PCI compliant.

Customize reports

Automatic report generation for admins & residents, plus CSV data downloadable any time.

Manage users

Group users & set permissions for residents and visitors.

Manage power

Load management allows for more chargers to be installed on a limited electrical service.

Stay up to date

Automatic updates: from EV charger firmware to ChargeLab's dashboard & app.

Get help, 24/7

Tier 1 end-user support offered through SMS, in-app messaging, and toll-free number.

Recommended hardware

The best EV chargers for apartments and condos

ChargeLab's platform works with any OCPP-compliant EV charger. Below are our top recommendations for multi-family EV chargers.

ABB Terra AC Wallbox
Level 2
7.7, 9.6, or 19.2 kW
OCPP 1.6
Grizzl-E Smart
Level 2
9.6 kW
OCPP 1.6
Delta AC MAX
Level 2
11.2 kW or 19.2 kW
OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0
EVBox Elvi
Level 2
7.2 kW
OCPP 1.6
Leviton EVR30-R2C
Level 2
7.2 kW
OCPP 1.6
MetroEV SC3
Level 2
7.7 kW
OCPP 1.6
MetroEV IC3
Level 2
7.7 kW
OCPP 1.6
Phihong AW32
Level 2
7.7 kW
OCPP 1.6
Siemens VersiCharge
Level 2
9.6 kW or 11.5 kW
OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0

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