EV charging for workplaces

Thousands of electric vehicle drivers rely on workplace EV chargers to stay fully charged. Join the EV revolution by offering workplace charging at your office building.

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Key benefits

Help power the future

Depending on your location, workplace charging is quickly turning from a perk to an expectation. In either case, installing EV chargers at your office building is a convenient way to attract tenants, retain employees, meet sustainability goals, and more.

A home for garage orphans

EV drivers who can't charge at home depend on workplace charging to stay topped up.

Retain employees

Build loyalty and corporate culture by offering EV charging as a perk.

Attract tenants

Companies are more likely to lease office space in buildings with EV chargers.

Achieve sustainability goals

Earn LEED points and other green building certifications. Comply with any local EV regulation.

Case study

Charging up with Indigo


ChargeLab is our preferred supplier of EV chargers and related software services. We see huge potential in their network software, which allows us to connect any EV charger in the lots we manage regardless of manufacturer.

— Gautier Caland, Director of Marketing & Digital Projects

Globally, the Indigo Group manages 2.4 million parking spaces in 5,600+ car parks across 750+ cities. Their clients include commercial property managers, office buildings, airports, and hospitals. Learn more about Indigo at www.group-indigo.com.

Recommended hardware

The best EV chargers for workplaces

ChargeLab's platform works with any OCPP-compliant EV charger. Here are our top recommendations for workplace EV chargers.

ABB Terra AC Wallbox
Level 2
7.7, 9.6, or 19.2 kW
OCPP 1.6
Grizzl-E Smart
Level 2
9.6 kW
OCPP 1.6
Delta AC MAX
Level 2
11.2 kW or 19.2 kW
OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0
EVBox BusinessLine
Level 2
7.4 kW
OCPP 1.6
EVOShare Premium
Level 2
11.5 kW
OCPP 1.6
Leviton EVR30-R2C
Level 2
7.2 kW
OCPP 1.6
MetroEV IC3
Level 2
7.7 kW
OCPP 1.6
Phihong AW32
Level 2
7.7 kW
OCPP 1.6
Phihong AX48
Level 2
11.5 kW
OCPP 1.6
Siemens VersiCharge
Level 2
9.6 kW or 11.5 kW
OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0
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