Need help deploying your WEVCIP charging stations?

The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP) is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. It aims to increase EV adoption in Ontario by making it easier for EV owners to access charging while at work or the office.

WEVCIP is a significant rebate program open to any employer or commercial building manager in Ontario with at least 10 employees or workplace tenants.

You've been notified of WEVCIP approval. What's next?

You have a business to run. Leave it to ChargeLab to take care of hardware selection, vetting installers, and choosing a service provider. We have built a tailored offering for WEVCIP, which includes:

  • A free consultation to explain which charging stations are eligible for rebates under WEVCIP
  • An unbiased comparison of price & features for charging stations from the leading EVSE manufacturers (including FLO and ChargePoint)
  • Supply of charging stations at manufacturers’ best sales price
  • Quotes from multiple certified electricians to ensure the highest quality & most price competitive installation
  • Custom solutions to meet the specific needs of your business

ChargeLab’s process is easy and transparent.

Missed this round of funding?

If you represent a business in Ontario and did not submit a signed application in the period WEVCIP was accepting submissions (January 16 to February 23, 2018), ChargeLab can still help you install subsidized EV chargers. WEVCIP funds are exhausted, but there are other funding opportunities from the federal government open until March 15, 2018. While WEVCIP focused on workplaces, other programs can also help your business if you are in retail, food services, or property management.

Don’t miss out! Fill out the form below to find out more about other funding opportunities for electric vehicle charging stations.

Why ChargeLab?

ChargeLab specializes in turnkey EV charging solutions that include helping you maximize government funding opportunities. We can answer any questions you may have about EV charging or the funding program and will help facilitate your entire application and installation process. This includes consulting with your electrical utility and our third-party certified electricians to gather initial and ongoing costs, and ensure a seamless installation with our recommended hardware.


Get help choosing and deploying WEVCIP stations, or learn more about other funding programs if you missed out on WEVCIP.

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